Preventive Pavement Maintenance - Slurry Seal

Every year the City uses the Pavement Maintenance Utility Fee (PMUF) paid on utility bills to perform maintenance work on roadways. This program includes surface treatments such as asphalt paving, slurry seal, and chip seal.

Slurry Seal

Slurry seal is the process of applying a very thin layer of liquid asphalt and sand to seal the street surface. It is a preventive maintenance treatment that is applied early in the life of a roadway to prolong the life of the surface. The curing time for slurry seal is a minimum of 6 hours.

Do not touch the seal until it is dry and keep children and pets away from sealed streets.


Please turn off your watering system by midnight the night before work is scheduled to begin.

Isolated Closures

During the chip seal application, access to driveways should have no longer than a 10-minute delay.

Removal of Slurry Seal

Slurry seal is difficult to remove from cars, clothing, tires, feet, and pets. Try to remove seal as soon as possible with soap and water. If that does not work, a solvent, such as kerosene, turpentine, or a household de-greaser is recommended.

For More Information

For more information regarding the 2023 Slurry Seal Projects, please contact Jayson Thornberg, Transportation Operations Manager by email or at 971-204-4656.